Welcome to RoboTraxx AI music-making software. Made by musicians for musicians.

Dive into the future of music creation, empowering digital musicians of all levels. Unleash your creativity with the RoboTraxx Studio A.I. virtual collaborator, extending your musical ideas forward or backward in time, enhancing or remixing compositions, and converting between musical styles - including your own.

RoboTraxx provides the perfect blend of technology and artistry to elevate your music to new heights. Explore endless possibilities and transform your musical ideas into reality with RoboTraxx – where the future of music is at your fingertips.

-- Currently in beta test - to request an invite contact [email protected] --

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RoboTraxx AI Music Studio Pro


--BETA TESTERS ONLY-- Remix, compose or refine song tracks in the style of your choice - including your own personalized musical style! RoboTraxx AI Studio Pro bundles RoboTraxx AI Studio, plus RoboTraxx AI Style Creator for one-button generation of your own personal music styles for either private use or to share with the community. RoboTraxx AI Studio Pro additionally provides free access to the growing RoboTraxx community style library. Post Beta product pricing: Annual subscription Minimum system requirements: Windows 10+ 4GB RAM Target system requirements: CPU Intel Core I7 plus CUDA GPU such as NVidia RTX 3000 series or higher Beta 0.78.4

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RoboTraxx Premium Library Subscription


--BETA TESTERS ONLY-- Expand your creativity with the RoboTraxx Premium library of royalty free styles and instrument packs including: ClassicalBluesCountryEasy ListeningElectronicFolkHip HopJazzPopR&B and SoulRockLatinCaribbean And many more, including sub-genres for each. New styles added monthly. Post Beta premium library pricing: Monthly subscription. RoboTraxx AI Studio Pro customers receive free access to the community library

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